Fault Management

AssureNow Fault Management is an integral part of next generation, unified service assurance solution.

The fault management process is an essential task within a complex technological environment, and most companies have deployed a myriad of tools, with separate user interfaces and even monitors, to collect millions of events, logs, and messages from their many network devices, servers and applications. As a result, operations staff is faced with a “swivel-chair” management nightmare as they attempt to make sense out of this “big data” event load. And they cannot get an integrated, end-to-end, cross-domain view of their network or services without costly manual analysis. This situation reduces team productivity, lengthens mean time to recovery, increases costs, and negatively impacts their customer experience.

The Monolith AssureNow solution takes a unified approach to IT infrastructure, business service, and customer experience management. Discovery, fault, performance, topology, and service management are integrated onto a single scalable platform that provides operations and business teams with significant performance, scalability, and cost advantages over legacy and silo tool sets. AssureNow Fault Management, an integral part of a fully integrated, next-generation service assurance solution, allows operations teams to monitor, detect, analyze and resolve faults in the most efficient manner possible. AssureNow Fault Management unifies and simplifies enterprise and telecommunications infrastructure management, consolidating disparate tools and meticulously tracking the performance and health of your system’s entire infrastructure.

Easily support new services and increase your productivity with a fully featured and unified approach to fault and event management.

AssureNow Fault Management is a unified Manager of Managers that monitors the entire infrastructure from a single console, providing the foundation for a customer- and service-focused operations center. Our industry-leading fault and event management system aggregates and correlates large volumes of event information from infrastructure components as well as IT and element management systems. Aggregators collect faults and events directly from devices using syslog, traps, and TL1 and from element managers using CORBA, SOAP, XML, and other methods, as well as threshold alerts via availability and performance monitoring. Console agents collect configurations, including change management notifications, to initiate auditing and to provide custom auditing for issue detection. Our platform can receive, process, and enrich events in any format at high scale and has a completely customizable rules engine.

AssureNow Fault Management also provides multiple advanced event correlation and enrichment, for example using topologies or customer policies with run book automation, and performs out-of-the-box de-duplication. The AssureNow topology management provides integrated auto-discovery of physical, logical, and business inventory and their relationships. It also provides dynamic topology-based mapping, connectivity-based root cause analysis to provide downstream suppression, and rules-based topology management between Layers 2 and 3 to infer hierarchies.

AssureNow Fault Management eliminates unnecessary downtime by reducing your Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR). Our integrated approach allows for the elimination of multiple notification tools – your administrators and network operations staff will receive alerts all in one place and can take immediate action. One of the primary success factors with any management and monitoring solution is its ability to drive operation efficiency, and AssureNow allows you to reduce costs of ownership and operation, streamline your management efforts, and prioritize your problems to reduce downtime.

With AssureNow, quickly focus your attention on the root cause and reduce your MTTR, and boost your productivity and efficiency.

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